Welcome at LGBT education

GALE is a learning community focusing on education about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues. We promote the full inclusion of people who are disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity and their expression by identifying, enhancing and sharing educational expertise. The membership of the community is free and open to anyone actively involved in education about LGBT issues.

First digital course for companies - August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016 - Today the registration for opens for the new virtual course on how companies can deal with sexual diversity. The course focuses on both commercial companies and non-profit organizations. It is available in English, Italian and Dutch. One can register here.

Inspiration for student participation on LGBTI issues in schools - August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016 - Today GALE presents a brochure "Organizing student's voices on sexual diversity in school". The brochure is a summary of a series internationally tested methods to involve LGBTI and straight students in the fight against homophobia and transphobia in schools.

gale presents e-course for high school teachers - August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016 - Today GALE presents a novelty: the first e-course on sexual diversity for teachers in secondary education. The course is free until the end of this year. Then schools must pay a fee for maintenance of the course. The course is available in English, but also in Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Basque. One can register here.

Enlarging commitment for sex education in Dutch parliament failed - May 22, 2016

May 22, 2016 - Right wing parties refused to attend a sex education lesson" which was held in the Dutch parliament. The "lesson" was proposed by the Labor Party and the Socialist Party in order to get more commitment for improved sex education. But the lesson was organized in an insensitive and unacceptable way for right wing parties. It was a missed opportunity to expand sex education to include sexual assertiveness.(Image: Roelof Bisschop (Christian re-reformed party): "This "sex lesson" is presented as a banal show. Don't count me in.")

Dutch young gay/lesbian and bisexual adults three times as often bullied in vocational schools - May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016 - A Dutch national school safety monitor showed that more than 88% of VET students and 91% of staff feel safe in their school. But gay/lesbian and bisexual students are almost three times more victims of bullying, discrimination and other forms of psychological violence. For example, 1.4% of heterosexual students are victims of vandalism, against 4.3% of gay/lesbian and bisexual students. Image: comparison between straight students, gay/lesbian en bisexual students and students who don't want to indicate their sexual preference (upper, middle and lower bars). The comparison is on (from top to bottom: total violence experienced, discrimination and bullying, threats, physical violence, sexual harassment, digital violence).